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Testing the Social Media Sound Limits and Beyond

Since the release of the BETA Social API we have installed this on about 35 websites.

  • 3 of those websites didn’t rank in the Top 100 of Google with a combination of 75 high value keywords.
  • 15 of those websites had always enjoyed small and steady increases in rankings but never broke the sound barrier in their super competitive markets.
  • The remaining website that we represent have always maintained modest rankings for their selected keyword search terms in the Top 10-20 spots on Google.

After almost 2 months of using the Social API by Unleash Your Geek all of these websites saw a minimum 25% increase in traffic, unique hits, reduced bounce rates and click-throughs. This means that not only did traffic increase but these websites also received quality traffic of interested visitors.

BIGGEST WINNER breaking the odds and beating the SEO Sound Barrier

  • The 3 websites mentioned are in one of the most competitive markets on the internet and went from NO RANKINGS to
    • having almost 75 search terms ranking in the TOP 50 of Google.
    • Over 20 search terms ranking in the TOP 20 of Google
    • 10 search terms in the TOP 10!!!

This is an amazing achievement!!

What does the API do?

It not only connects the most recent posts to valuable social networks but it distributes your message categorically amongst the most valuable resources on the Internet. How? That’s our secret. But it’s ALL WHITE HAT with no tricks. We simple took our methods that had been done manually and converted them into an automated system. So now our 90% MANUAL system is 90% AUTOMATIC and with the same, if not improved, precision and accuracy.

Be a part of the SEO Revolution and don’t just optimize your website but super charge your website by connecting to the UNLEASH YOUR GEEK “Rocking the SEO Social API”!!

BTW: Figures show that most companies will spend between $250-$1500 per month to achieve these results. Our system falls into this range but requires few man hours so that your staff can focus on more important tasks like managing YOUR business while OUR business manages YOUR marketing!

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