Social API

Once logged into your own site or our customer Portal you will have access to our powerful social posting API which connects you to over 80 social media sites to spread your message.

This is a social hub that acts like an email blast to all of the social networks listed. This process connects many major social networks together (see Social API description page)  that if purchased on the open market would need to be managed as at least 4 separate entities costing over $400/month. I have created a form that connects these all together so that they can all be used in one simple step.

How does it Work?

This service allows a client to post updates from many different sources and they get submitted real time to different types of channels like image and video sharing, news feeds, social posting, business networks (i.e. LinkedIN) and others. It processes submissions by category so that they are seen out on the internet in a more organized manner and reach a more targeted audience.

Directories, Shopping search engines, Photo and Video Sharing, Infographic Submissions, Document Submissions, Local Submissions, Blog Search Engines, Blog Communities.

When you post a new promotion or page on your website or blog it is grabbed by our internal network and sent out through our one of a kind system. We customize (“Spin”) the content of your messages when possible and distribute them via powerful networks of Social Bookmarking, Social Syndication, News Feed, And More! Our unique Social API feeds off of this and distributes those updates to create an organic increase in more targeted traffic which helps to significantly increase search engine rankings as well as critical citations for your website.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Managing this process properly affects the success of the SEO. If this system is not managed effectively then rankings can suffer or be degraded.

The following social sites are driven in unison by a unique connection to 5 of the Internet’s most powerful social media hubs by way of our Unique SocialAPI.

Social Bookmarking is a way for people to store, organize, search, and manage “bookmarks” of web pages. Users save links to web pages that they like or want to share, using a social bookmarking site to store these links. This also helps your website get Google +1s, Facebook Likes and shares, Twitter Tweets, re-tweets, LinkedIN shares, and other Internet sharing channels to spread your message(s).

For more explanations of Social Bookmarking we have found a couple of great definitions:

Social Syndication is designed to get your website & content more exposure. It gets you visitors and initiates a Buzz around your content. The high authority backlinks & Social signals built by the system help to gain higher search engine rankings and build customer confidence.

  • Automatically distribute content to ideal channels based on type, keywords, and categories
  • Measure and analyze content and channel effectiveness
  • Boost lead generation, engagement, and conversions