Social API Form Social Neworks

Here you will find the logins and recording of all of your social networks

Included with your Membership to the media management system is a dashboard provided in part by to manage your social media accounts.

This is a value added services that makes your posting more efficient and automatically synchronizes critical Meta data to more effectively promote everything that you post.

From here you’ll need to login to your new account and connect to each of your social networks from their convenient interface.

We do not have access to your accounts and your information is never shared with us. This is merely a secure portal that is connected to Onlywire which allows your posts to be sent within one convenient system. The only information that is utilized by this system is keyword and Meta data for the purpose of posting.

Connect with Onlywire here and begin connecting your Social Media accounts at your convenience.




Your Social Hub

Manage all of your networks from one convenient location. View traffic stats, posting history, profile information and more.




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