Professional Exposure Reputation Management

Professional Exposure Reputation Management


Expedited Reputation Management

Technical SEO, Organic Improvements, Streamlining Introduction of information, removing or burying negative impact media.



Reputation management is important for public figures because it helps to polish up the image of someone while clarifying the truth when media and publicity affect public opinion.

From corporate figures who demand public acceptance it’s necessary to show the public what makes that person the leader who is needed to lead the charge. Too often public figures are buried in media opinion and the facts of real scenarios get mixed up during communication. Our system helps to rake the internet for all citations that exist for individuals so that we can analyze what action can be taken to minimize the impact of information.

Online reputation management, or reputation management (sometimes referred to as rep management or ORM) is the practice of attempting to shape public perception of a person or organization by influencing information about that entity, primarily online. We like to think of it as making sure the truth prevails in a world where misinformation leads the narrative. Citations leading to factual references are an element of this but giving credit to the real accomplishments instead of just highlighting promises.

Our Services Include:

1.) Thorough 7 day assessment of political figure’s website and all competitor media. This includes not just anlaytics but builds a competitive information database in order to address all areas where a candidate is going to be confronted by an opposing agenda, misinformation, media, and other campaign efforts.

2.) Profile of the candidate(s) past, present, accomplishments, promises, campaign goals, and compare with competitors to enhance the website to provide a political defense.

3.) Index the website during this process to ping updates throughout the most important internet channels in order to broaden the exposure of the candidates message(s).

4.) Analytics to show a before and after as well as a daily analysis in order to make sure that defense is up to date and being mobilized fluidly.


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