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Well here you are at the affiliate signup page which means that you and I have both taken the first step into a new and exciting opportunity!



First and foremost this website is intended to be an ugly but functional machine to act as a mechanism for you, the “reseller”. As we gather feedback we will be making aesthetic modifications as well as functional adjustments. We are aware of the lack of flash.



This is the simple form to get registered. Payments are going to be processed initially via Paypal. As we move forward new options will be implemented by and a couple of other payment options.


In the space below I will need the email address of your Paypal account which will be used for initial payments when you meet the goals for making your first commission.


If you do not have a Paypal account then enter in your favorite, and reliable, email address and you can modify it when you obtain a Paypal account or other option for payouts.


So let’s begin!


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What can you earn and How?



Just for signing up you get 90 Days FREE with the SEO system and you can use it however you want. I recommend using it to promote a real website so that you can show a potential client how it works and to have a real live example of how effective it is. Either way you will benefit from the FREE usage! After 90 days it will remain FREE as long as you have at least one active Paying client.


As mentioned in the video, my SEO system is being made available at 50% of the average competitor’s price. This is based on 10 competitors who are leaders in the industry and who also offer similar services to us.


Earn 25% of setup fee and 20% commission  ($250-$1000 setup and $250-$1000 a month subscription pays you $62.50 – $500 and $300 commission)

    • 0 Months Paid in Advance – 20% commission  (No Setup fee and $250-$1000 a month subscription pays you $50 – $200 commission)



All Payouts are made on the same day that clients make their payments. All clients must be set up on a subscription program.

If you are a “White Label” (anonymous) service provider then it will be your respectability to sign up for the Subscription program and to collect payment from your client On Schedule.
Late payments will result in temporary suspension of service.